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The Cultural History of Modern Japan [Iwanami Lecture Series]
  Editorial Board: KOMORI Yoichi, SAKAI Naoki, SHIMAZONO Susumu, CHINO Kaori, NARITA Ryuichi, YOSHIMI Shunya
December 2001 - July 2002, 210 x 148 mm, 280 pp/vol., 10 + 1 vols., JPY3,400
Today, throughout the world, arguments about past colonial regimes and war memories cross national boundaries. A diversity of value and knowledge systems formed through the process of modernity, and the identity of individuals and human groups, are going through enormous change. The gears of “modernity” are grinding as its meaning is once again be questioned. “What is Modernity?” “How was Modernity Formed in Asia and Japan?” This series approaches these questions by regarding Modern Japan in its actuality through a comprehensive survey of the latest methodology begun in the 1980's with Gender and Postcolonial Studies including the most recent field of Cultural Studies. A multiplicity of viewpoints such as the archeology of Japan's modern systems of knowledge and cultural analysis of colonial empires heretofore unseen in research on Japan's cultural history are also represented.

Volume 1 The Formation of the Modern World (19th c, I)
Volume 2 Cosmology of “Modernity” (19th c, II)
Volume 3 The Establishment of Modern Knowledge (1870-1910, I)
Volume 4 A Modernity of Sensibility (1870-1910, II)
Volume 5 The Formation of Nationalism (1920-1930, I)
Volume 6 Modernity Expanding (1920-1930, II)
Volume 7 Knowledge and Institutions During Total War (1935-1955, I)
Volume 8 Emotion/Memory/War (1935-1955, II)
Volume 9 A Cold War Regime and Capitalist Culture (after 1955, II)
Volume 10 History and Subject
Volume 11 Toward a New Cultural Studies

KOMORI Yoichi teaches Modern Japanese Literature at Tokyo University.
SAKAI Naoki teaches cultural theory and philosophy at Cornell.
SHIMAZONO Susumu is a professor Religious Studies at Tokyo University.
CHINO Kaori taught Japanese Art History at Gakushuin University.
NARITA Ryu is a professor of Modern Japanese History at Japan Women's University.
YOSHIMI Shunya teaches Sociology and Cultural Studies at Tokyo University.

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