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Frontiers of Thought
  Editorial Board: KANG Sang-jung, SAITO Junichi, SUGITA Atsushi, TAKAHASHI Tetsuya
October 1999 - February 2002, 190 x 138 mm, 124 pp/vol., 16 + 1 vols., JPY1,200
This series take up key concepts critically important for understanding the changing world. Each volume is edited with the hope that it will invite opportunities for critical thinking or alternative perception of the political, economic, social, and cultural contexts we live in.
Classical concepts like Power, Market, Justice, Democracy, and Body/Life now carry new meanings that need to be rethought. Topics like Fundamentalism, Publicness, Gender/Sexuality, and History/Revisionism are necessary to understand new phenomena of macro/micro politics in the recent years. Terms like Identity/ Otherness, Cultural Studies, Memory/ Narrative, Deconstruction and Postcolonial are also important for understanding the informal workings of cultural hegemony in the present day even considering their postmodern implications.
Readers have welcomed this series for its compactness in addition to the substance and volume of its contents. The fact that most of the writers for this series are still in their 30s and early 40s has also attracted considerable attention. Some of them will participate in the second series of “Frontiers of Thought” which will address the topics Freedom, Society, Violence, East Asia, etc.

Volume 1 Identity/ Otherness
Volume 2 Cultural Studies
Volume 3 Memory/ Narrative
Volume 4 Power
Volume 5 Fundamentalism
Volume 6 Publicness
Volume 7 Market
Volume 8 Gender/Sexuality
Volume 9 Body/ Life
Volume 10 Justice
Volume 11 Deconstruction
Volume 12 Democracy
Volume 13 Nationalism
Volume 14 Feminism
Volume 15 Postcolonial
Volume 16 History/ Revisionism
Final Volume Thinking Against the Divided World

KANG Sang-jung
Born in 1950, he pursued his doctorate in Political Science at Waseda University, specializing in politics, political thought and history. At present he is a professor at the Tokyo University Institute of Socio-Information and Communication Studies.
SAITO Junichi
Born in 1958, he earned his doctorate in Political Science at Waseda University, specializing in political discourse, thought and history. He is now a professor in the Department of Economics at Yokohama National University.
SUGITA Atsushi
Born in 1959, he graduated from the Faculty of Law at Tokyo University, majoring in political discourse. He is now a professor in the Law Department, Hosei University.
Born in 1956, he earned his doctorate at the Tokyo University Graduate School. Specializing in philosophy, he now teaches at the Tokyo University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

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