Shiso [Thought]
2003.10 No.954
Table of Contents

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Shiso TOP [Japanese]
I Toward Expansion of Narrative Theory
KASHIMA Toru Potentials for Narrative Understanding of History 6
OTSUKA Yoshitaka   Narrating and Reading : Paul Ricœur's narrative theory of history 37
NOE Keiichi Ways of Worldmaking through Narrative Acts 54
IIFrege, the Origin of Contemporary Philosophy
NOMOTO Kazuyuki   WORDS 2
Fabrice PATAUT   An Anti-Realist Perspective on Language, Thought, Logic and the History of Analytic Philosophy : An interview with Michael Dummett 73
IIDA Takashi   On the Nature of the Formula Language of Begriffsschrift 106
SANPEI Masaaki   Dialogue between Frege and Cantor 123
TSURU Ryoma   Frege's Conceptual Notation and Russell's Paradox 141
OKAMOTO Kengo   The Philosophy of Logic based on the Notions of Proposition, Construction and Judgment 159
HASEGAWA Yoshimasa   The Emergence of Modern Logic and its Influence on Contemporary Philosophy 184
Jürgen HABERMAS   Communicative Action and De-transcendentalized Reason (2) 195

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