Shiso [Thought]
2004.9 No.965
Table of Contents

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Shiso TOP [Japanese]
Redefining Liberalism
INOUE Tatsuo   Introduction 6
‹Philosophical/Post-Philosophical Reconstructions of Liberalism›
INOUE Tatsuo   Redefining Liberalism 8
HAMA Shin’ichiro   Liberalism and Perfectionism 29
WATANABE Mikio   Priority of a Liberal Life to a Liberal Philosophy 47
SE Teruhisa   Fallibilistic Liberalism Revisited 65
‹The Public and the Private in Liberalism : Tensions and accommodations›
UNO Shigeki   Reintegration of Liberalism and Republican Liberty : The legacy of Tocqueville 84
TANIGUCHI Koichi   Toward the ‘Public’ Debate in the Domain of Gender/Sexuality 102
SUMIYOSHI Masami   Do Egoists Dream of ‘the Other’ ? : Stirner and deconstruction of justice 123
HASHIMOTO Tsutomu   Analytical Marxism and Liberalism 140
‹Challenges Posed by the Contemporary World›
ITO Yasuhiko   Liberalism and Globalization : Can we be a liberal cosmopolitan ? 158
ISHIYAMA Fumihiko   Liberalism and Multiculturalism : Are they friends or enemies ? 176
OKUDA Jun’ichiro   Human Embryo, Bioethics, Liberalism : Thinking about implications of autonomy to biomedical research 195
OYA Takehiro   The Fate of Liberty in the Information Age 212

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