Shiso [Thought]
2006.3 No.983
Table of Contents

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Shiso TOP [Japanese]
The Future of the Welfare Society

SAITO Jun-ichi
On Sustainability of Society

HIROI Yoshinori Introduction 6
HIROI Yoshinori The Vision of a “Sustainable Welfare Society” : Capitalism, Socialism and Ecology in the Steady-State Society 8
MIYAMOTO Taro The Post-Welfare State Governance : Towards a New Politics of Welfare 27
FUKUSHI Masahiro The Full-Engagement Society and Participation Income : Towards a Green Social Policy 48
MOROTOMI Toru Environment, Welfare and Social Capital : Towards Sustainable Development of Developing Countries 65
GOTO Reiko Justice and Public Reciprocity : A Leading Idea of Public Assistance 82
TANAKA Yoko Rearranging Work and Time : The German Experiment in Redefining Employment 100
The Two Phases of ‹Basic Needs› for Sustaining an ‹Affirmation of Being› : A Study on the Structure of “Anxiety” in Contemporary Japanese Society from the Perspective of Disability 117
IWATA Masami Are the Poor Locked in a Bus ? : Poverty and Social Policy in Contemporary Japan 135
MIYAMOTO Michiko The Developments of Youth Policy : The Framework for Securing Transition to Adulthood 153
MIZUSHIMA Jiro Towards a New Model of Work and Welfare in the Netherlands 167
KAMIMURA Yasuhiro Welfare Regimes in East Asia : Past, Present and Future 185

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