Shiso [Thought]
2006.9 No.989
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Shiso TOP [Japanese]

OKA Mari
Literature as an Antonym of “War”

Judith BUTLER Undoing Gender 4
TAKEMURA Kazuko Toward Future Dialogues with Judith Butler 16
SAITO Yoshimichi The Impossible Possibility of Love, or the Relation to the Other 26
IWATA Yasuo The Meaning of Suffering in the Philosophy of E. Lévinas : What is the Lévinasian God ? 41
ARAKI Masaru On the Phase of “the Right” in Aristotle's Politics 58
MIZOGUCHI Yuzo The Historical Peculiarity of the Xinhai Revolution 88
NOMURA Koichi The Fate of “Liberalism” in Modern China : Hu Shi and the Independent Review in the 1930s (2) 108

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