Shiso [Thought]
2007.4 No.996
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Shiso TOP [Japanese]

NAITO Hiroshi
Is Ideology Recognized in Modern Architecture?

MIZUTA Tamae The Mysticism of Raichō Hiratsuka (1): In Reference to Jinzō Naruse, German Idealism and Zen 4
KAWADA Minoru Party Politics During the Interwar Period and Visions of Parliamental Monarchy 34
HAYASHI Mitsuhiro Paradox of Propaganda: The Accomplice and Betrayal of Propaganda of Photomural as an Optical Apparatus 54
KOMORI Kenichiro Freud's Desire: On a Return of the Repressed Mother 81
NAGAO Hiroshi Rethinking the Origins and Logic of Stalin's Anticosmopolitanism Campaign 110
YAMADA Sonoko Thomas Hobbes and the English Civil Wars 132
An Architect in Invisible City: Daniel Libeskind, Breaking Ground: Adventures in Life and Architecture

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